About Us

Hi there! My name is Abhi and I’m the founder of howtocookguides.com.

For many years, I was a vegetarian and relied on recipes that were full of vegetables to keep my meals interesting.

As I’ve begun eating meat again, my love for cooking hasn’t changed one bit! It is my hope that you find inspiration and tasty recipes to keep your meals full of flavour!

I love finding new ways of cooking vegetables. I like playing with spices, herbs, marinades and different types of liquids/oils to bring out the flavours in different dishes.

Growing up as a vegetable-loving kid, I also like experimenting with new ways to prepare them.

I hope you’ll find a few creative recipes for yourself within this site, or learn how to cook some of your favourite dishes!


How To Cook Guides was acquired by Alony Media on Sep 2022 and has been under our management since this date.

Who we are

Alony Media is a Digital Media Company ( a Digital Publisher ) and we build and manage a portfolio of content based websites in various niches, we have a passion for food so this site fits right in!

Our dedicated team of editors, graphic designers and writers are committed to creating high quality and valuable content on the topics this blog’s readers are used to reading and love.

We will mostly post on this blog the following:

  • Cooking guides
  • How to cook pretty much anything

We want to stay focused on the topic of this blog and not start covering many other areas of cooking, we feel this blog is a perfect hub for a very specific area inside the cooking niche, which is how to cook various foods.

Our approach has always been to establish a unique and custom dedicated team from our staff to handle each blog and this one is not different.

You can be sure that the articles you will read here were created by passionate foodies, experienced chefs or a combination of the two.

We take a long term approach to our brands and we create content that will stand the test of time, providing the value we belive our readers want and expect.

If you need to contact us for any reason, you can do so by sending an email to [email protected]

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